Glue and fresh paint

Another round of building prototypes has come. The response at the Nürnberg Toy Fair was quite good, both from our existing partners and new prospects. This month is dedicated to getting all the prototypes and presentations to all partners. An honourable job! We have the sound of the printer in our ears and smell like glue and fresh paint.

All worries disappear in Nürnberg

sorgenfresserThough Nürnberg is cold, inside the fair buildings the heat is on! We have spent a few hectic days, going from one appointment to the next and trying to scout the innovations in-between. Among the toys, we have seen pluche Buddhas, several Lego-adaptations, and loads of quadrocopters.
Some game trends: learning games for under 2 years, and many toys and games with App companions or App integration. Most of those are still based on very familiar concepts; the real innovation is rather technical than playwise.
One of our favourites is Schmidt’s ‘Sorgenfresser’ line: pluche toys with a zipper as mouth, happy to eat up al your worries.

Making videos full of fun

With a few weeks to go, we are preparing the materials to show our business partners at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Editing the videos of all the play-testing with children is a fun but time-consuming activity. We’re quite happy with the way some of the games have evolved in a few rounds of testing and improving – lots of happy faces in our videos. We wished we could share them on our website… but you’ll have to wait until the games are in the toy store.

30 more to go…29 more to go…

Working hard to send this seasons prototypes to the game publishers’ test panels. The moment of truth! Is their experience the same as ours during our extensive testing period with children? Let’s hope so! Test panel members: enjoy!



new release: Face2Face, fun for young kids

We proudly present our new release: Face2Face! Simpler than the average memory game, and more fun. It’s as simple as turning over a card with a hole, then one without a hole, and putting them on top of each other. Does a complete animal face appear? You win the set. Is the combination wrong? Have fun looking at the strange animal!
Face2Face is published by White Goblin Games and will soon be available in better games stores and toy chains.

SPIEL: celebration of games

Last weekend we visited the SPIEL fair in Essen again, meeting old acquaintances and making new contacts. This year, there were contracts to sign, too. Though our schedule was quite full, we also got a chance to see some of the new releases. Action games are still hot, cooperative games a must for almost each publisher, and snack games too.

And with a large crowd assembling at the fair to play all these games, SPIEL is a true celebration of games!

Getting ready for SPIEL

The SPIEL fair is Essen is approaching; we will visit it on Saturday, October 20. With a calendar full of appointments, we are currently in fast-forward mode to finish the presentations and edit the videos of our tests with children. While editing, it is fun to see again and again how children appreciate the game concepts. We’re confident this will bring smiles to the faces of game publishers!

Camera on… action!

Today we conducted the final tests of our new games range. Previous testing had proven that the games worked well, so today we concentrated on filming children while playing. The last details were fine-tuned, new
prototypes prepared, and after a long day of play-testing we went home with a camera full of playful evidence.

Nurnberg Toy Fair

We just got back from our first visit to the Nurnberg Toy Fair, which was really, really impressive. Quite different from Essen, much larger, more toys of course and essentially no players.  That last one is a bit weird at the start, but it also means you get to see everything quite well. There’s two big halls for game publishers and the focus is more on children’s games and family games and less on expert games. Which is interesting for us, as we always have a lot of child game concepts. The rest of the halls was also inspiring to see, there were even more game publishers to be found beside a lot of exciting ideas, game components and mechanics. And who wouldn’t want to see a life-size pluche dinosaur?

Two of our games licensed!


"Cupcakes" by bluegum,

Hurray! Today we signed (all three of us!) a worldwide license for two of our games and now it’s official! If everything proceeds according to plan the games will be published before the end of the year, so then we will be able to tell you more!