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Face2face fans

We are constantly busy thinking out new game concepts. Meanwhile, many of our friends have reported on the fun they and their children had with Face2Face, our first publication with White Goblin Games. It appears this game has become a ‘new classic‘ for some. As one friend told: “It has become my standard birthday gift […]

Signatures placed, deal made

Another preschool game will be published this fall. We have just put our signatures on the contract and sent it back. Now the majority of our work has been done, and the illustrator works with the license character on it. Over the last few years we have come to understand the lengthy time-scale of publishing […]

Artwork for a new game

A new game of ours is about to get published. This week, we received the artwork from the illustrator. With a few final tweaks, the game is ready for production now. It’s a game for children and families who love word games. As soon as possible the word will be out… but for now, we […]

Two of our games licensed!

Hurray! Today we signed (all three of us!) a worldwide license for two of our games and now it’s official! If everything proceeds according to plan the games will be published before the end of the year, so then we will be able to tell you more!

Sending out the prototypes

Our first prototypes from this season’s ideation round have left the workshop and are on their way to the game publishers’ test panels! In the final stages of game development, a host of detailed decisions have to be made. We always test our prototypes extensively by ourselves first, then with children, and we are confident […]

Making money

We have already made our first money! Our new business cards that we’ve brought with us on Spiel were made to look like game money. They feel like money to and, as they are made from gummed paper, we can stick them on our letters and stuff. We are very happy with the results!