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And the keyword is: Review!

What a difference! Most of our games are children’s games and while adults love to buy them as a present and children love to play them, most people won’t sit down and write a review about them. For a family game people do! Really nice to see everybody enjoying the game!   A couple of […]

Childhood memories…

Do you still remember from childhood – back drawing? Children love drawing on people’s backs! Our game Rückenmaler with 12 coloured finger-tracing cards offers the perfect tools for this. Released today at Toy Fair Nürnberg! An experience game for old and young using actions that develop sensory perception and spatial intelligence in a quiet atmosphere. […]

Fun is the Keyword

Put away your smartphones and game tablets, and gather round the table with family or friends for a game of Keyword! Our newest release is launched today at the Toy Fair in Nürnberg. It’s the most challenging word puzzle game: all players play simultaneously, without having to wait for their turns. Tactics are involved too: […]

A new game out – look smart as an elephant!

This autumn, Schmidt Spiele publishes our latest game. ‘Mix Mal‘ is all about collecting and exchanging cards to make a correct set of head, trunk and legs of the elephant character. The ‘Benjamin Blümchen‘ licence is quite popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the simple game rules are also printed in French and Italian – […]

Signatures placed, deal made

Another preschool game will be published this fall. We have just put our signatures on the contract and sent it back. Now the majority of our work has been done, and the illustrator works with the license character on it. Over the last few years we have come to understand the lengthy time-scale of publishing […]

Artwork for a new game

A new game of ours is about to get published. This week, we received the artwork from the illustrator. With a few final tweaks, the game is ready for production now. It’s a game for children and families who love word games. As soon as possible the word will be out… but for now, we […]

Two of our games licensed!

Hurray! Today we signed (all three of us!) a worldwide license for two of our games and now it’s official! If everything proceeds according to plan the games will be published before the end of the year, so then we will be able to tell you more!

Building prototypes

Hard at work: Building several prototypes to send to game publishers. They need to stand up to a couple of months of testing by children, so we make them sturdy and durable!

Making money

We have already made our first money! Our new business cards that we’ve brought with us on Spiel were made to look like game money. They feel like money to and, as they are made from gummed paper, we can stick them on our letters and stuff. We are very happy with the results!

Visit to Spiel 2010

The visit to Spiel 2010 in Essen was awesome! We had great talks during the day and we were impressed by how interested everybody was in our game concepts. It was a wonderful experience and we will certainly be back next year. Hopefully for more days, because this year we haven’t had any time to […]