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Childhood memories…

Do you still remember from childhood – back drawing? Children love drawing on people’s backs! Our game Rückenmaler with 12 coloured finger-tracing cards offers the perfect tools for this. Released today at Toy Fair Nürnberg! An experience game for old and young using actions that develop sensory perception and spatial intelligence in a quiet atmosphere. […]

Fun is the Keyword

Put away your smartphones and game tablets, and gather round the table with family or friends for a game of Keyword! Our newest release is launched today at the Toy Fair in Nürnberg. It’s the most challenging word puzzle game: all players play simultaneously, without having to wait for their turns. Tactics are involved too: […]

New halls and new games at Spiel 2013

  Autumn time = Spiel time! But this year in new halls, so finding our way was a game all in itself! A nice mixture of old and new, as were all our appointments. Meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones and learning even more about the wishes for the future games. And […]

Glue and fresh paint

Another round of building prototypes has come. The response at the Nürnberg Toy Fair was quite good, both from our existing partners and new prospects. This month is dedicated to getting all the prototypes and presentations to all partners. An honourable job! We have the sound of the printer in our ears and smell like […]

All worries disappear in Nürnberg

Though Nürnberg is cold, inside the fair buildings the heat is on! We have spent a few hectic days, going from one appointment to the next and trying to scout the innovations in-between. Among the toys, we have seen pluche Buddhas, several Lego-adaptations, and loads of quadrocopters. Some game trends: learning games for under 2 years, […]

Making videos full of fun

With a few weeks to go, we are preparing the materials to show our business partners at the Nürnberg Toy Fair. Editing the videos of all the play-testing with children is a fun but time-consuming activity. We’re quite happy with the way some of the games have evolved in a few rounds of testing and […]

new release: Face2Face, fun for young kids

We proudly present our new release: Face2Face! Simpler than the average memory game, and more fun. It’s as simple as turning over a card with a hole, then one without a hole, and putting them on top of each other. Does a complete animal face appear? You win the set. Is the combination wrong? Have […]

SPIEL: celebration of games

Last weekend we visited the SPIEL fair in Essen again, meeting old acquaintances and making new contacts. This year, there were contracts to sign, too. Though our schedule was quite full, we also got a chance to see some of the new releases. Action games are still hot, cooperative games a must for almost each […]

Nurnberg Toy Fair

We just got back from our first visit to the Nurnberg Toy Fair, which was really, really impressive. Quite different from Essen, much larger, more toys of course and essentially no players.  That last one is a bit weird at the start, but it also means you get to see everything quite well. There’s two […]

Observing the players at the Essen SPIEL fair

Last week we visited SPIEL, the famous fair for board and family games. Although our schedules are filled with all the appointments we have, we also try to take a look at the new releases. And, as Spiel is essentially a consumer fair, it’s interesting to see families play various games. At some booths, they […]