It smells like prototypes

laser-cut-machineAfter pitching concepts from our new portfolio at SPIEL, we now have to produce prototypes. Interest was great – so it’s production in quantities. Luckily, we can use some advanced equipment, like laser-cutting machines, to help us with the more repetitive parts of the job. We have come to appreciate the smell of plastic burnt by the laser.

Observing the players at the Essen SPIEL fair

SPIEL logoLast week we visited SPIEL, the famous fair for board and family games. Although our schedules are filled with all the appointments we have, we also try to take a look at the new releases. And, as Spiel is essentially a consumer fair, it’s interesting to see families play various games. At some booths, they have to read through the game rule leaflets or helplessly wait for assistance from a host. At other booths, all players are fully engaged in play. Occasions like this prove the value of clear, compact rule sheets!



brainstorm sketch

Spring is in the air – a new season of game development has started at Sixeye. We just had our first of a series of brainstorms. What a great stage to be in: the sheet still empty, anything goes, restrictions postponed, expectations high. And at the end of the day: a pile of densely scribbled papers, on top of which lies a long-list of promising ideas to be developed. Playtime at Sixeye!

Trends and hypes

The New York toy fair (officially ‘American International Toy Fair’) has ended. Blogs and reviewers are summarising the trends. Some are pretty predictable: the merger of physical board games with electronic devices (iPad!) is taking off, physical activity is promoted through electronic toys and games, and the inevitable Angry Birds are on a pig-hunt in digital, physical, cuddly and other forms. We like the trend that Reyne Rice of the Toy Fair called ‘simply social’: family games that bring people together, are easily played, take little time, and promote social awareness in a number of ways.

Sending out the prototypes

Our first prototypes from this season’s ideation round have left the workshop and are on their way to the game publishers’ test panels! In the final stages of game development, a host of detailed decisions have to be made. We always test our prototypes extensively by ourselves first, then with children, and we are confident we have shaped the games to their optimal format; a fine balance of luck, strategy, complexity, fun, and value-for-money. Test panel members, whoever you are: enjoy!

Building prototypes

Sixeye wooden prototype

Hard at work: Building several prototypes to send to game publishers. They need to stand up to a couple of months of testing by children, so we make them sturdy and durable!

Making money

Sixeye business cards

Sixeye business cards

We have already made our first money! Our new business cards that we’ve brought with us on Spiel were made to look like game money. They feel like money to and, as they are made from gummed paper, we can stick them on our letters and stuff. We are very happy with the results!

Visit to Spiel 2010

The visit to Spiel 2010 in Essen was awesome! We had great talks during the day and we were impressed by how interested everybody was in our game concepts. It was a wonderful experience and we will certainly be back next year. Hopefully for more days, because this year we haven’t had any time to actually play all those new releases we saw!

Visiting Spiel

Sixeye is visiting the Spiel in Essen on October 23th and looking forward to it!

Sixeye now online!

Sixeye, the new game design company, is now online!

What is Sixeye?

Sixeye is a partnership between Meeple and De Wolkenrijders. Sixeye has a broad experience in the field of children and games, on top of a vast knowledge of related disciplines as playground design, educational products, learning tools and digital games.

From this expertise we design concepts for games that are imaginative, engaging and comprehensible.

Feel free to contacts us or leave a comment below!