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Nurnberg Toy Fair

We just got back from our first visit to the Nurnberg Toy Fair, which was really, really impressive. Quite different from Essen, much larger, more toys of course and essentially no players.  That last one is a bit weird at the start, but it also means you get to see everything quite well. There’s two […]

It smells like prototypes

After pitching concepts from our new portfolio at SPIEL, we now have to produce prototypes. Interest was great – so it’s production in quantities. Luckily, we can use some advanced equipment, like laser-cutting machines, to help us with the more repetitive parts of the job. We have come to appreciate the smell of plastic burnt […]


Spring is in the air – a new season of game development has started at Sixeye. We just had our first of a series of brainstorms. What a great stage to be in: the sheet still empty, anything goes, restrictions postponed, expectations high. And at the end of the day: a pile of densely scribbled […]

Building prototypes

Hard at work: Building several prototypes to send to game publishers. They need to stand up to a couple of months of testing by children, so we make them sturdy and durable!